Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Another Bad Day Turned Long Night

I absolutely despise my husbands ex sometimes.  She is such a loon.  Texts my husband out of the blue about giving her $850.00 for their oldest childs braces.  Its disgusting what she does.  The child did not NEED braces.  Her teeth were very straight and had a beautiful smile.  Sometimes I wonder what she puts her through.  She comes to our house with proactive solution that her mom says she HAS to use. I wonder what her self confidence is sometimes with someone constantly trying to "fix" her.  Its not just that but she is 13 and going to the gym so she doesnt gain weight.  The girl is not anywhere near overweight by any means.  So when my husband tells her that I am having medical issues that he is worried about and dealing with first because braces were not a  necessity she flies off the wall about having them first and how I need to provide for my own health needs.  She then has the gaul to text me and ask if I am contagious.  REALLY?  I swear she is nothing but a psychotic you know what.  So we talk to our lawyer about the whole braces thing and she tells us not to worry about it that she cant push braces in court because it was not a medical need.  In other words she didnt need them due to inability to eat or drink.  Normally it wouldnt be a big deal but when we are paying child support, alimony and other medical bills for the kids that ARE a necessity like clockwork and have our bills that are a necessity as well it burns me up at how she behaves.  Not to mention the fact that she flies or drives to a different state every other weekend to see her boyfriend.  I will relish the day the youngest stepchild turns 18.  I am so tired of dealing with this woman. I keep holding out hope that maybe one day she will stop being so hateful and arrogant and start doing what is best for the kids instead of being selfish and using them as a way to hold over their fathers head. 

The day went on without an attack.  Ive come to expect the unexpected with these.  I never know when they will hit.  Sitting at the dinnertable I lost my feeling in my hands and feet.  Then came this stinging sensation in my left side, up my chest and up through my throat.  I waited a little while to see if it would pass and it didnt.  I took my pulse and it was 112 at rest.  The lowest it came down to was 104.  So we decide to go to the ER where I sat in a psych room for 30 minutes before anyone came to do anything.  Im glad I wasnt having a heart attack.  A woman in the room next to mine was banging on the walls, screaming and going crazy.  I wondered why they would put me there.  Then finally the doctor came and was such an ass!  Didnt listen to a word I said then it dawned on me that they thought I was feigning for drugs or was coming off of a high. ROFLMAO!!! It wasnt funny last night but today I find it hilarious.  They ran an EKG and some bloodwork but everything came back fine.  So back home I go.  Still waiting for my appointment and still calling around to find a doctor that can see me sooner.  And the wait continues...................

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